Operators and assistants
Our cameramen and assistants are as competent on a sheer rock face, scuba-diving, and b.a.s.e jumping as in an executive board room environment.
To suit conditions and delivery requirements we typically use DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERAS and HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO CAMERAS, on board and specialised mounts and housings. Other specialised rigs are used as required.

Our in-house edit facilities include complimentary G5 Desk Top and G4 Laptop Final Cut Pro HD Suites as well as a mobile G4 laptop.

Stock Footage
Adventure Action
We have a wealth of stock footage documenting a diversity of local and international adventure and extreme activities.
Wildlife and Nature
Our shoots take us to remote and un-spoilt corners of the globe. Our library of wildlife, cultural and natural heritage footage is thus also extensive.

Rigging / Stunts
Riggers,Safety Riggers and Rigging Equipment
Our team of riggers will make your adventure location and action safe and simple. Our vast experience in technical rope work and cabling has re-assured clients in the most precarious positions.
Adventure Stunts
Extreme footage requires extreme sportsmen. Our network is ever increasing, combined with rigging expertise and a high safety standard, the sky is the limit.

Location Scouting
Location Scouts and Information
Our superior knowledge of adventurous locations throughout Southern Africa is extended to numerous locations further afield in the Southern Hemisphere such as South America, the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

Pre-Production and Production Logistics
Based in Cape Town we have access to a full array of lodging, transportation, communications, catering and related production facilities.

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